Reconstructed spell lists
Over the years that ICE produced material for Rolemaster 2nd Ed, the balance of spell lists have been corrupted (IMO). Also the Rolemaster spell system are not always fit for use in the Middle Earth. Therefor I have created a collection of reconstructed spell lists with the intention of making my game more fun.

Open Channeling

Barrier Law 2.1.1 [55k] Nature's Law 2.1.6 [30k]
Detection Mastery 2.1.3 [31k] Spell Defense 2.1.9 [31k]
Light's Way 2.1.4 [29k] Warding Ways 2.1.11 [36k]
Lofty Movements 2.1.5 [29k] Weather Ways 2.1.10 [31k]

Closed Channeling
Dispelling Ways was moved from Closed Essence to Closed Channeling in order to balance the Realms. Familiar Law may be taken as a Closed Channeling spell list (used to be a Closed Essence).

Blood Law 2.2.1 [29k] Gerses Invocation 10.46 [28k]
Calm Spirits 2.2.3 [27k] Lore 2.2.6 [31k]
Ceremonies 3.51 [32k] Nerve Law 2.2.8 [29k]
Dispelling Ways 3.2.1 [30k] Symbolic Ways 2.2.10 [36k]
Familiar Law 3.52 [109k]

Open Essence

Delving Ways 3.1.1 [33k] Rune Mastery 3.1.8 [29k]
Detecting Ways 3.1.2 [29k] Spell Wall 3.1.9 [28k]
Essence Hand 3.1.4 [31k] Unbarring Ways 3.1.10 [31k]
Essence of Light 3.1.11 [50k] New Warding Ways 3.1.12 [36k] New
Elemental Shields 3.1.3 [30k]

Closed Essence
Portals and Eagle Wings are marked as New, but shall be used as replacment for the Lofty Bridge which is unfit for Middle Earth. Gate Mastery contains the summoning of demons and seem unfit for good characters in Middle Earth. Dispelling Ways have been moved to Closed Channeling for balance.

Depowering Ways 3.2.11 [30k] New Invisible Ways 3.2.3 [36k]
Dispelling Ways (N/A) Portals 3.2.52 [28k] New
Eagle Wings 3.2.51 [30k] New Shield Mastery 3.2.7 [27k]
Gate Mastery (N/A) Spirit Mastery 3.2.10 [28k]

Open Mentalism

Anticipations 4.1.1 [29k] Delving 4.1.6 [32k]
Attack Avoidance 4.1.2 [26k] Detections 4.1.7 [30k]
Cloaking 4.1.4 [29k] Self Healing 4.1.9 [29k]
Damage Resistance 4.1.5 [26k]

Closed Mentalism
Liquid Manipulation, Gas Manipulation and Solid Manipulation have been removed from the set of Closed Mentalism as I feel they are to much Essence to be fit in the Realm of Mentalism. Instead the Lay Healer Base lists is now Closed Mentalism; range: Self. The Lay Healer profession is no longer used in my campaigns, but the new Feldsher profession may chose 4 of the Lay Healer lists as his Base Lists.

Blood Mastery 4.3.1 [27k] Mind Mastery 4.2.3 [27k]
Gas Manipulation (N/A) Movement 4.2.5 [28k]
Liquid Manipulation (N/A) Solid Manipulation (N/A)
Mind's Door 4.2.4 [27k] Sustenance Mastery 4.2.11 [27k]

Profession Base Lists

Arcane Bladerunes 3.11 [86k]
Bard Base Songs of Aman 4.5.1 [31k]
Bard Base Enthrallments 4.5.2 [31k]
Bard Base Lore Master 4.5.3 [31k]
Beastmaster Base Master of the Hunt 10.13.1 [29k]
Beastmaster Base Movement Enhancement 10.13 [56k]
Channeler Base Channels 2.4.1 [29k]
Channeler Base Protections 2.4.4 [26k]
Channeler Base Repulsions 2.4.5 [28k]
Channeler Base Summons 2.4.6 [210k]
Druid Base Druidstaff 3.23 [72k]
Druid Base Natures Movement/Senses 2.3.4 [27k]
Evil Channeling Blights 2.8.8 [37k]
Evil Channeling Dark Channels 2.8.2 [48k]
Evil Channeling Eastern Curses 2.8.7 [27k]
Evil Channeling Necromancy 2.8.5 [35k]
Feldsher Base Surgeons Ways 10.15 [28k]
Feldsher Base Battle Law 10.16 [27k]
Healer Base Blood Ways 2.7.1 [30k]
Magician Base Earth Law 3.4.1 [35k]
Magician Base Fire Law 3.4.2 [30k]
Magician Base Ice Law 3.4.3 [30k]
Magician Base Light Law 3.4.4 [31k]
Magician Base Water Law 3.4.5 [30k]
Monk Base Body Reins 3.6.1 [28k]
Monk Base Body Renewal 3.6.2 [28k]
Monk Base Mind Over Matter 3.6.4 [28k]
Monk Base Monk's Bridge 3.6.5 [28k]
Montebanc Base Appraisals 8.14 [59k] Added 2016-01-20
Montebanc Base Beguiling Ways 8.13 [52k] Added 2016-01-22
Montebanc Base Disguise Mastery 8.12 [52k] Added 2016-01-22
Montebanc Base Mystic Escapes 8.11 [62k] Added 2016-01-22
Moon Mage Base Metamorphose 8.33 [145k] Added 2017-12-05
Moon Mage Base Moon Blade [138k] Added 2017-12-05
Moon Mage Base Moon Madness 8.31 [157k] Added 2017-12-05
Moon Mage Base Moon Mastery 8.3 [162k] Added 2017-12-05
Nightblade Base Adrenal Focus 3.35 [34k]
Paladin Base Exorcisms 2.5.2 [28k]
Paladin Base Holy Arms 2.5.3 [29k]
Paladin Base Holy Shields 2.5.5 [27k]
Paladin Base Lay on Hands [30k]
Paladin Base Holy Warrior 3.41 [60k] Updated 2016-02-20
Ranger Base Inner Walls 2.6.1 [27k]
Ranger Base Moving Ways 2.6.2 [53k] Updated 2016-02-03
Ranger Base Marksman's Way 2.6.7 [91k]
Ranger Base Armsman's Way 2.6.8 [56k] Added 2016-02-03
Ranger Base Nature's Summons 2.6.4 [133k] Added 2017-03-03
Warrior Mage Weapon Enchantments 10.12.1 [33k]
Witch Hunter Base The Chains 8.6.1 [58k]
New and improved (c) Mattias Öberg 2011