This section contains ALL files available on the website. Where there are multiple versions, latest at bottom, othervise logical and/or alphabetical order (figure that out!).

Digital Character Sheets
PC Generator, MERP Edition v1.1.xls [6538k]
PC Generator, MERP Edition v1.2.xls [6547k]
PC Generator, MERP Edition v1.3.xls (incl Feldsher) [6549k]
PC Generator, MERP Edition v1.4.xls [6443k]
PC Generator, MERP Edition v1.5.xlsm (requires Excel 2010 or later) [1055k]

2014-01-16 MERP Formular v1.6.xlsm [1081k]
2016-01-17 MERP Formular v1.7.xlsm [1124k]
2016-01-19 MERP Formular v1.72.xlsm [1123k]
2016-07-18 MERP Formular v1.73.xlsm [1128k]
2017-12-05 MERP Formular v1.74.xlsm [1078k]

Character Sheets for print
Character Booklet, pg 1.jpg [317k]
Character Booklet, pg 2.jpg [216k]
Character Booklet, pg 3.jpg [247k]
Character Booklet, pg 4.jpg [404k]
Character Sheet 1.5.xls [1354k]

Critical Strike Tables
Large Creature Crush Critical Table.doc [68k]
Large Creature Magical Critical Table.doc [114k]
Large Creature Puncture Critical Table.doc [66k]
Large Creature Slash Critical Table.doc [68k]

Super Large Creature Crush Critical Table.doc [56k]
Super Large Creature Magical Critical Table.doc [104k]
Super Large Creature Puncture Critical Table.doc [57k]
Super Large Creature Slash Critical Table.doc [63k]

Weapon Brawling Critical Table.pdf [35k]

Fumble Tables
Combat Maneuvers Fumble Table.doc [48k]
Spell Failure Table.doc [98k]

Weapon Fumble Table.xls [28k]
(1H Edged, 1H Crush, 2-Handed, Spear & Polearms, 2W-Combo and Ball & Chain)

Weapon Fumble Table.xls [26k]
(Mounted Arms, Mounted Lance, Thrown, Bows, Martial Arts)

Weapon Fumble Table.xls [27k]
(Animal, Crossbow, Brawling, Shield Bash, Weapon Brawling, Tackling)

Background Options
Background Options 2008-12-18.pdf
Background Options 2009-06-26.pdf
Background Options 2009-11-05.pdf
Background Options 2011-01-20.pdf
Background Options 2011-03-01.pdf
Background Options 2011-03-17.pdf
Background Options 2012-03-16.pdf
Background Options 2013-01-02.pdf
Background Options 2013-06-04.pdf
Background Options 2014-01-16.pdf

Actions Table.pdf [1530k]
Alchemist's Companion.pdf [5227k]
Beorning Shape Shifting.doc [37k]
Combat Maneuvers.pdf [301k]
Creatures and Monsters - Inherent skills.xls [33k]
Fantasy Weapon Attack Tables.pdf [810k]
Herb List 2.1 [185k]
Poison Effects.pdf [26k]
Similar Weapon Skills.xls [22k]
Spell Casting Modifications.pdf [191k] Updated 2013-01-02

Campaign Material
Argils skatt.doc [28k]
Sangwancas skatt.doc [44k]
Wulfsdale.pdf [978k]

Skill Maneuver Tables
Tumbling Attack.pdf [272k]
Tumbling Evasion.pdf [264k]

Adrenal Move Speed.pdf [241k]
Adrenal Move Strength.pdf [224k]
Meditation Death.pdf [257k]
Meditation Sleep.pdf [295k]
Meditation Trance.pdf [280k]
Way of the Warrior - Pain.pdf [184k]
Way of the Warrior - Unconsciousness.pdf [267k]

Channeling.pdf [221k]
Magnitude.pdf [238k]
Power Perception.pdf [272k]
Read Runes.pdf [282k]
Rejuvenation.pdf [284k]
Magical Rituals.pdf [271k]
Spell Mastery.pdf [196k]
Staves and Wands (Attunement).pdf [258k]
Summoning.pdf [225k]
Warding Lore.pdf [245k]

First Aid.pdf [108k]
Second Aid.pdf [32k]

Spell Lists
Barrier Law 2.1.1 [55k]
Detection Mastery 2.1.3 [31k]
Light's Way 2.1.4 [29k]
Lofty Movements 2.1.5 [29k]
Nature's Law 2.1.6 [30k]
Spell Defense 2.1.9 [31k]
Warding Ways 2.1.11 [36k]
Weather Ways 2.1.10 [31k]

Blood Law 2.2.1 [29k]
Calm Spirits 2.2.3 [27k]
Ceremonies 3.51 [32k]
Dispelling Ways 3.2.1 [30k]
Familiar Law 3.52 [109k]
Gerses Invocation 10.46 [28k]
Lore 2.2.6 [31k]
Nerve Law 2.2.8 [29k]
Symbolic Ways 2.2.10 [36k]

Delving Ways 3.1.1 [33k]
Detecting Ways 3.1.2 [29k]
Elemental Shields 3.1.3 [30k]
Essence Hand 3.1.4 [31k]
Essence of Light 3.1.11 [50k] New
Rune Mastery 3.1.8 [29k]
Spell Wall 3.1.9 [28k]
Unbarring Ways 3.1.10 [31k]
Warding Ways 3.1.12 [36k] New

Depowering Ways 3.2.11 [30k] New
Eagle Wings 3.2.51 [30k] New
Invisible Ways 3.2.3 [36k]
Portals 3.2.52 [28k] New
Shield Mastery 3.2.7 [27k]
Spirit Mastery 3.2.10 [28k]

Anticipations 4.1.1 [29k]
Attack Avoidance 4.1.2 [26k]
Cloaking 4.1.4 [29k]
Damage Resistance 4.1.5 [26k]
Delving 4.1.6 [32k]
Detections 4.1.7 [30k]
Self Healing 4.1.9 [29k]

Blood Mastery 4.3.1 [27k]
Mind Mastery 4.2.3 [27k]
Mind's Door 4.2.4 [27k]
Movement 4.2.5 [28k]
Sustenance Mastery 4.2.11 [27k]

Songs of Aman 4.5.1 [31k]
Enthrallments 4.5.2 [31k]
Lore Master 4.5.3 [31k]

Master of the Hunt 10.13.1 [29k] Updated 2011-09-13
Movement Enhancement 10.13 [56k] New 2012-05-08

Channels 2.4.1 [29k] Updated 2012-11-13
Protections 2.4.4 [26k]
Repulsions 2.4.5 [28k]
Summons 2.4.6 [210k]

Druidstaff 3.23 [72k] Updated 2013-01-25
Natures Movement/Senses 2.3.4 [27k] Updated 2013-01-30

Blights 2.8.8 [37k] New 2012-09-28
Dark Channels 2.8.2 [48k] Updated 2012-11-13
Eastern Curses 2.8.7 [27k] New
Necromancy 2.8.5 [35k]

Battle Law 10.16 [27k] New 2012-09-08
Surgeons Ways 10.15 [28k] New 2012-09-03

Blood Ways 2.7.1 [30k]

Earth Law 3.4.1 [35k]
Fire Law 3.4.2 [31k]
Light Law 3.4.4 [31k]
Water Law 3.4.5 [30k]

Body Reins 3.6.1 [28k]
Body Renewal 3.6.2 [28k] Updated 2012-11-14
Mind Over Matter 3.6.4 [28k]
Monk's Bridge 3.6.5 [28k]

Adrenal Focus 3.35 [34k]

Exorcisms 2.5.2 [28k] Added 2013-03-25
Holy Arms 2.5.3 [29k] Updated 2011-03-17
Holy Shields 2.5.5 [27k] Updated 2012-09-08
Holy Warrior 3.41 [83k]
Lay on Hands [30k]

Inner Walls 2.6.1 [27k]
Marksman's Way 2.6.7 [91k]
Moving Ways 2.6.2 [31k]

The Chains 8.6.1 [58k]
Weapon Enchantments 10.12.1 [33k]

New and improved (c) Mattias Öberg 2011